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 AIT Helps Improve the Lives and Learning of Those with Autism, ADHD, Hyperacute Hearing, Speech Delays & 10 Days.

The AIT Institute is the #1 Provider off AIT At Home Services globally and is the largest AIT resource website in the world.

AIT is the #1 clinically studied auditory based educational intervention!  All sessions are conveniently completed at home under the supervision of an AIT Practitioner. AIT services are available in the USA, Canada and other English speaking countries.

AIT requires 10 hours of sound therapy, with 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, done 2 times daily over 10 consecutive days.  This listening therapy helps to correct hyperacute hearing,  tinnitus and other auditory challenges.

AIT has been used successfully with children and adults with many different diagnoses for over 60 years.  

Remarkable results are achieved for many families. There are more than 60+ years of clinical research and 28+ scientific studies on AIT.

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Hearing Equals Behavior Updated and Expanded
by Guy Berard, MD and Sally Brockett, M.A.

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About This New Book

If you are a parent or teacher working with individuals who struggle to process auditory and sensory information, you will find that this book offers new understanding of these problems, and most importantly, explains the intervention called Berard AIT.

This 10-hour training program reorganizes the dysfunctional auditory and sensory center so the brain no longer gets overloaded with confusing information.

Dr. Berard recognized that the evaluation process should not stop once hearing impairment is ruled out. The focus should turn to how the individual hears. Are there distortions, timing delays, misperceptions, sequencing problems? These disruptions will interfere with processing until the auditory system is reorganized and balanced.

Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded is an important addition to the small collection of resource books that focus on auditory processing problems and associated learning and behavior difficulties. This 300-page book explains the concepts underlying Dr. Berard’s method and how he developed his retraining program through years of detailed clinical observations. Professionals familiar with Berard AIT recommend his program for those struggling with learning and behavior.

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Book Reviews

“Some of the greatest discoveries in medicine emerge not from basic research!, but from astute clinical observation, hypothesis generation, and refinement of the therapeutic technique without necessarily being able to fully scientifically explain the success of the treatment. Acupuncture is a prime example and Dr. Berard’s work on AIT is another.

Sally Brockett’s wonderfully updated edition of Dr. Berard’s pioneering book is a superb resource for parents, teachers, and clinicians wanting to better understand how AIT can be an important intervention for individuals with learning and behavioral disorders, particularly disorders on the autism spectrum.”   

Paul Millard Hardy, MD Behavioral Neurologist

"As pediatricians caring for children with autism, we are often looking for interventions that can truly impact the lives of our patients. Auditory Integration Training is certainly one of them. "Hearing Equals Behavior", Sally Brockett's updated and expanded edition of Dr. Berard's work, explains how a new world can open up for a child or adult when listening and learning turn on. The clinical cases and parent reports of success with children with dyslexia, autism and depression are particularly inspiring. And as a clinician always trying to find out why something works, the extensive discussion of the theories behind AIT is fascinating. For anyone dealing with chronic neurological or developmental illness, I would strongly recommend reading this book and considering AIT."

Nancy O'Hara, Developmental Pediatrician, Wilton, CT

Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded provides the reader current information on the impact of Berard AIT on sensory modulation and behavior, as well as the affect of Berard AIT on the auditory and visual system.

The Berard method of AIT is regarded as the most effective approach available for enhanced listening skills, language, learning, and sound tolerance. Pre- and post-test data is included to demonstrate the types of improvements that may be observed after this 10-day retraining program. This book will enable readers to understand how listening and learning can “switch on” when the auditory system is rebalanced and functioning effectively.


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