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 AIT Helps Improve the Lives and Learning of Those with Autism, ADHD, Hyperacute Hearing, Speech Delays & 10 Days.

The AIT Institute is the #1 Provider off AIT At Home Services globally and is the largest AIT resource website in the world.

AIT is the #1 clinically studied auditory based educational intervention!  All sessions are conveniently completed at home under the supervision of an AIT Practitioner. AIT services are available in the USA, Canada and other English speaking countries.

AIT requires 10 hours of sound therapy, with 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, done 2 times daily over 10 consecutive days.  This listening therapy helps to correct hyperacute hearing,  tinnitus and other auditory challenges.

AIT has been used successfully with children and adults with many different diagnoses for over 60 years.  

Remarkable results are achieved for many families. There are more than 60+ years of clinical research and 28+ scientific studies on AIT.

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Hypersensitivity To Sound Reduced and Calmer after AIT!

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Testimonial by the Parent of a boy with hypersensitive hearing who completed Berard AIT.
Reprinted by permission.

"Since receiving his therapy, he has calmed down a lot and will play for a short time with his toys."

"Before Colin had therapy he was very restless and wouldn't settle down to do anything. He didn't want anyone to annoy him or play with him.

Also he got very distressed at some sounds. Since receiving his therapy, he has calmed down a lot and will play for a short time with his toys. Sometimes he will go to one of his sisters and try to make them play with him.

I know the therapy has not cured Colin but it has made a big difference and we would like to come back again for another course of therapy."

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