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 AIT Helps Improve the Lives and Learning of Those with Autism, ADHD, Hyperacute Hearing, Speech Delays & 10 Days.

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AIT is the #1 clinically studied auditory based educational intervention!  All sessions are conveniently completed at home under the supervision of an AIT Practitioner. AIT services are available in the USA, Canada and other English speaking countries.

AIT requires 10 hours of sound therapy, with 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, done 2 times daily over 10 consecutive days.  This listening therapy helps to correct hyperacute hearing,  tinnitus and other auditory challenges.

AIT has been used successfully with children and adults with many different diagnoses for over 60 years.  

Remarkable results are achieved for many families. There are more than 60+ years of clinical research and 28+ scientific studies on AIT.

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Father and Autistic Son Success Story and Auditory Integration Training

Submitted by Kymberleigh Herwill-Levin, Berard AIT Practitioner, USA.

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 by Abba, a husband and a father of an autistic boy on the the ASD spectrum.
Written by the father about his experience and his son's experience with Berard AIT.
Reprinted by permission.
April 11, 2011.

"Thank you for allowing me to share our story.  I do not gain financially from the story, but we have gained benefits in other areas, our son’s progress, speech, focus and emotions and progress in areas that I was having issues in.  I told Khymberleigh that I would write about our experience and she asked if I would do it whatever the outcome, good or bad!

So here goes….

My wife, three children (two typical and one on the spectrum) and myself moved to the West Coast two years ago. We just received a diagnosis of autism with our eldest son (5) and we were talking divorce.  The stress of a major move (one that I was not happy about but my wives' family lives in LA, wanted us closer to be in a position to help out with the children), dealing with three little children, one with special needs was getting to me, not having a job and I was supposed to just being a man!!!

I was isolating myself and not wanting to be part of the family.  I was battling to get a job, lost all confidence in what I would and could do and I was getting deeper and deeper into depression.

By January this year my wife and I finally separated.  We got to a stage in our marriage that we could not talk to each other without ending in an argument.  My wife and children moved in with her family and I moved into a little apartment - still with no job but searching for one and going to many interviews.  Every time I was rejected, I felt even more awful about my situation and my family.  I could see no light at the end of the tunnel.

My children were spending half the week with me and half the week with their mother and I was still praying that things would work out with my wife.  Not a good formula for our children.

On February 3rd I took my son to a therapy session in Santa Monica.  While in the waiting room, I heard some families talking about two therapies that they had found helpful for their children.  One was a horseback riding camp in Arizona, whose focus is on social skills on horseback and the other was local, a woman by the name of Khymberleigh Herwill-Levin who does Auditory Integration Therapy.

I did some research on both and then spoke to my wife about them.  We decided to do the horseback riding first, then to do the Auditory Therapy.

My wife and son set off for Arizona and while they were away I went to see Khymberleigh to fill out all the paperwork and get everything going so that when my son returned to California we could start the therapy.

While I was filling in the forms, I noticed that more than half the questions applied to me.  I asked her if adults did this therapy and what the results were. She was extremely helpful, explaining what it involved.  She did a full, very long and extensive assessment on me.  I was blown away with what she could tell me about me from this assessment.  I decided to begin the therapy the next day.

  • Day one was very hard for me:
    I became very emotional and began crying.  I could not tell you why I was crying and I was unable to stop for many minutes. Khymberleigh wanted to stop the therapy but I insisted on continuing.  I had felt something, I cannot tell you what, but I felt something "click" in my body or my brain.  After the first session, I felt a sense of relief, again I was unable to explain what the relief involved, but that was the emotion I was feeling.

  • On the first day but the second session
    I became very emotional again and there was some sort of shaking within my body.  I again felt something "click" in my body or brain but I am still unable to identify exactly what it was.  It was a good "click" and it felt right.  That night I felt a sense of calmness and extremely relaxation.

  • Day two I was excited to get started.  I had asked Khymberleigh to set up times when no other clients were around, as by this time I was extremely embarrassed about the fact that I was a grown man, weeping and being all emotional.  I did not want others to see this "unmanly" side of me.  I do know that she did her very best to make sure that no-one was around for the first few days and I thank her, as it was hard for me dealing with my emotions.

  • The first session on the second day was great It was relaxing, soothing and put me in exceptionally good mood.

  • The second session and I was confident enough to bring my other two children along with me went well with no meltdowns on my behalf.

  • The sessions were going well and I was feeling GREAT.  I was happy and enjoying some quality time with my children.

  • On the fifth day, while on the telephone to my wife, she commented that I sounded different.  She said that I did not sound so agitated, sounded calmer, a little like my old self.  She asked if I had asked the doctor to give me some medication.  I just chuckled to myself, as I had not told her what I was doing.

  • Day seven, I had another emotional breakdown.  This day my children were spending the day with the grandparents and I was alone.  It was a blessing as I wept like a baby.  At the end of the session it felt as if a ton had been taken off my shoulders, like this therapy was making me deal with issues I had for years and I was finally dealing with them. (whatever they were)

  • Day eight, I was running late, had to cancel twice and had to make them up late that night but surprise of all surprises I went for an interview, felt particularly confident and I GOT the job. ( I had been in this job for nearly seven months now and it's all going very, very well!) 

  • Day nine, my wife and son returned from Arizona, (which unfortunately was not so successful as my son wanted to "look" at the horses, but not get on them.  Seven days were spent trying to get him on the horse without any meltdowns, and on the afternoon of the eighth day, he finally got on with one of the therapists.  My wife had some commitments in LA and so could not stay any longer, but we were willing to try again next summer, but have just found out that the camp has closed down due to a shortage of funds.)  On their arrival, my wife immediately noticed something, she kept asking me what I was taking or what I was on.  I had asked my in-laws to watch the children while I went (with my wife) for the second session.  It went well, I felt GREAT again and my wife spoke with Khymberleigh about our son and I think me. (not too good and lip reading)

  • Day ten and the last six and a half months have been wonderful.  I feel rejuvenated, to say the least.  I am calm, relaxed, confident, focused and my memory is outstanding.  I am sleeping once again at night ( a major problem I had before the Auditory Therapy) and I am happy, something I had not felt for years.  Happy with my family, happy with my job, just happy with life.

My wife and I are back together and things are perfect (her words).

So with that being said, we realized that if I had gone through all these feelings and emotions then we needed to get our son the therapy too.

He did not have any of the meltdowns. I did, but it has been five months since he has done the Auditory therapy and we have seen many, many benefits too.  He is saying more words than he had before, he is asking for things in two word sentences. (wants to drink, or wants TV) He is finally potty trained, (a major problem before the therapy)  he is also much calmer and seems happier.  His teachers, therapists and all our family have noticed the change.  He was very much a hair puller, if you were at his level and were trying to interact with him, he would just look at you and then grab your hair and pull HARD.  He did this with anyone and all the time, we have not had this behavior since beginning the therapy.   He did not know how to interact with his brother and sister and they were always complaining that he was destroying their games, now he will sit next to his sister and watch and want to join in, but in a very gentle way.  He is looking for new ways of interacting with children, even at school the teachers are noticing this. We have notice too that he is a lot more independent (sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so good).

He is also trying to taste new variety of foods, this is good as it was always a fight for him to eat anything other than rice, apples, carrots and water.

Both my wife and I want to thank the families at the therapy sessions who told us about Khymberleigh, we cannot remember their names and also to Khymberleigh  who to us is an "angel."  She helped us with our precious little boy, help me with my issues and saved our marriage. Thank you so very much.  We are extremely grateful for her knowledge, her patience and her gentle ways."

God Bless you all."

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