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 AIT Improves the Lives and Learning of those with Autism, ADHD, Hyper Hearing, Sensory Issues and other 10 Days.
"Let Miracles Find You!"Ö

Complete On-Line AIT Checklist To Learn How AIT Will Help!
Founded in 2004, the AIT Institute is the largest resource website on Berard AIT in the world.

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AIT is a proven clinically effective 10 hour, 20 session music therapy that corrects hyperacute hearing and other auditory challenges. Berard AIT consists of 20  sessions that are 30 minutes each, done 2 times daily over 10 or 12 consecutive days.

AIT  helps correct auditory issues found in ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression,  dyslexia,  sensory processing issues, speech delay and other diagnoses.

Affordable and convenient Practitioner supervised At Home AIT services are now available in the USA and Canada and other countries.

AIT is a remarkable, effective educational intervention with over 40 years of research and over 28+ scientific studies that show positive gains and effectiveness!

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AIT Offers New Hope and Help for Children and Adults!

Children: ADHD, APD, Autism, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Hyperacute Hearing, Speech Delay, SPD & more.

Teens: Academics, ADHD, APD, Athletics, Dyslexia, Focus, Learning Disabilities, Math, Reading & more.

Adults: Anxiety, APD, Brain Injury, Depression, Hyperacute Hearing, Memory Issues & more.

Learn How You Or Someone You Love Will Benefit From AIT!

Step 1.  Watch this 11 minute educational video about the basics of AIT, why AIT works and the many benefits AIT provides! AIT is a sound therapy that reverses hyperacute hearing, strengthens, rebalances and corrects the auditory system in 10 days. Read success stories and testimonials about the positive impacts of AIT in the lives of childrenteens and adults AIT has been proven clinically effective in more than 28+ research studies for over 20 years and has benefited with thousands of children worldwide! Improvements are often noted during AIT session and are documented to increase over time that follows AIT for several months.


Step 2.  Review the 36 Signs of Auditory Problems that are helped with AIT.  If you score high on that, we urge you to complete the on-line, comprehensive 76 question AIT Checklist. It takes only 10 minutes to complete and is immediately scored on submission. You automatically receive a copy of the eport by email. This report quickly helps you amore thoroughly evaluate the need and candidacy for AIT services.

Step 3.  Contact us to discuss starting AIT!  Affordable supervised At Home AIT sessions are now available in the USA, Canada and certain countries.

Step 4.  Browse children's AIT success stories, teen and adult stories and read Parent Testimonials. Watch video testimonials about remarkable results with AIT!  Browse IMPORTANT LINKS (right navigation) for the most helpful articles.

 "AIT works!"

The results from AIT were almost immediate!"

"AIT is a powerful intervention for autism." 

"A painless and rapid fix for hyperacute hearing."

"AIT delivered lasting results in under 2 weeks!ö

"The constant ringing in my ears is finally gone."


Ability to Follow Directions


Auditory Processing





Self Regulation



Academic Performance

Classroom Interactions

Handwriting Ability


Reading Ability

Social Interactions

Speech & Language





Head banging


Melt Downs

Sensory Overload

Sound Sensitivity

What is Berard Auditory Integration Training?
Read Frequently Asked Questions About AIT

Practitioner Supervised AIT At Home Services
Affordable supervised At Home AIT services are available in the USA, Canada plus other countries internationally.
Contact us for prices.  We have the professional certification, training and experience to provide AIT to children, teens and adults with many types of issues, including ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and other diagnosis that will benefit from AIT!

A Brain Enhancing Sound Technology
AIT is a safe, effective sound therapy. It is an educational intervention that efficiently retrains a disorganized auditory system and improves hearing distortions and sound sensitivity.  AIT was developed  Dr. Guy Berard over 50 years ago and has been used worldwide on thousands, with success!

10 Hours of Music Therapy in 20 Sessions
Participants listen through headphones to special modulated music from an AIT device for 20 sessions. Each session is 30 minutes.  AIT therapy requires listening 10 hours over 10 (or 12) consecutive days. An approved  device and music that follows the Berard AIT protocol is used to ensure the most effective results.

Safe, Proven Effective Scientific Protocol
AIT is based on a scientific protocol and has over 30+ years of scientific research, including 28+ clinical studies. AIT is proven effective with treating autism. The decibel levels used during AIT therapy are always kept at a safe level to improve auditory processing and protect hearing.

Proven Clinically Successful
AIT is proven successful for children and adults with ADD, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism, Depression, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Speech Delay  and other types of learning disabilities. AIT also works equally well for some forms of brain injury or head trauma, depression, focus, sound hypersensitivity and tinnitus.

Help For Children, Teens and Adults!
The minimum recommended age for Berard AIT for children is 3 years of age. There is no maximum age. Children, Teens and Adults of all ages and with various different types of diagnoses will benefit from AIT!


Berard AIT Helps Those With These Diagnoses and Others

ADD and ADHD Apraxia Aspergers Syndrome Attention Issues
Auditory Processing Disorder Autism - Autism Spectrum Behavioral Issues Brain Injury
Depression Down's Syndrome Dyslexia Echolalia
Head Banging Head Injury Hyperactivity Hyperlexia
Hypersensitive Hearing Language Disorder
Oppositional Defiance Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Delay Reading Challenges

Sound Sensitivity

Speech & Language Delay School Performance Social Interactions Stuttering
Vestibular Challenges Vision Processing Issues and more! Watch videos


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